Well and Preventative Care
for Adolescents

Special Consideration for Adolescents

Providing the best, most up to date well and pediatric care for adolescents is our mission. This requires working with both parents and adolescents, alone and in collaboration. These practices prepare the adolescent to take responsibility for their well-being, and the eventual transfer of care to a college-based or adult care provider. As noted in the section on what to expect during routine visits, the care and participation of the adolescent changes around age 12-13 years. Included here are our policies regarding adolescent care during both routine and intermittent or “sick” care visits for adolescents.

Under age 17 years, a parent or guardian is expected to attend all “well care” visits. Many aspects of care including history, emotional functioning, family history, and consent for care require a parent or guardian.

Confidential Conversations

During visits with adolescents, the physician will have confidential conversations with the adolescent. The topics include health habits, sexuality, sexual activity, contraception, pregnancy, mental and emotional health, alcohol and drug use, and relationships with family and friends.
Consistent with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines and Connecticut state law, these conversations and treatment plans will be kept confidential at the adolescent’s request, unless the information provided presents a serious or life-threatening emergency. We always will encourage open communication between the adolescent and adult caregivers.

Tests and screenings for sexually transmitted diseases may be done based on screening questions or symptoms.

Screening for drugs of abuse will be done only with the knowledge of the adolescent.
Adolescents may complete confidential mental health screening questionnaires.

At age 18 years and beyond, all care with the patient is confidential. Of course, the involvement of family members, particularly regarding serious health needs, is advisable.

We are happy to help older adolescents transfer their care to adult providers – our goal is a lifetime of healthy living!

Adolescent References

These are some references and resources regarding our policies. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.