Links to Vaccine Information

These websites are excellent sources of information about vaccines. Please ask us if you are unsure about the reliability of vaccine information you find online or elsewhere – we are always available to answer any questions or concerns regarding vaccines. is the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website for health information. Under the link for Safety and Prevention, click on Immunizations. Written for parents.

The Centers for Disease Control is a treasure trove of information about vaccines, vaccine providers, safety updates and news regarding vaccines and vaccine-preventable illness.

The Immunization Action Coalition is a non-profit group dedicated to ensuring adequate adult and childhood vaccination. This website is designed for parents and families, and it includes personal stories of children afflicted by vaccine-preventable disease.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has been a leader in providing vaccine information to families.

Vaccine Information Statements

Our Philosophy on Immunizations

Administering immunizations is one of the most important health-promoting functions we perform as physicians. As parents, we have immunized our own children using the immunization schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and we cannot recommend anything less for our patients. We at Pediatric Partners firmly believe in the effectiveness of immunizations to prevent serious illness and to save lives.

In light of recent outbreaks of certain vaccine-preventable diseases, we cannot recommend foregoing immunizations, alternative schedules or lengthy delays in receiving certain immunizations. This delay places your child, as well as children in our waiting rooms and in the community, at risk.

We know that some parents may be concerned about the safety of immunizations; based on our study of all available literature and scientific studies, we have found no evidence that immunizations cause autism or developmental disabilities.

Please speak with your physician about any concerns or questions regarding immunizations.