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Links to Community Health Resources

Involvement in community activities are very important for the physical and emotional health of children and families. Sharing experiences with others gives children a solid foundation on which to grow.Pediatric Partners is happy to provide the following is a list of some of the wonderful community health resources available in our area.

We’d love to hear about the activities your family enjoys so we can get to know you better and share ideas with other families looking to connect with the community.

Infant and Toddler

Public libraries offer a great environment for young children to experience group activities. There are classes for young children and caretakers, opportunities for unstructured free play, and wonderful exposure to the joy of reading. These are links to several local libraries with activities for young children, and almost all services are free!

Preschool Children


The library (see links above) is an amazing place for children as they begin to love books and participate in groups.

Leisure Services/ Parks and Recreation

Most towns have Leisure Service departments with an array of classes and activities for all ages. Most activities for preschool children are short (1-2 hours) and children are able to explore different interests at a relatively low cost. Great tip: Check out activities at other towns as well as your own – most classes are open to non-residents, at only slightly higher fee.

The Y

The YMCA offers many activities such as sports, crafts, and camps for preschool aged children. YMCA membership is not required to sign up for activities. Greater Hartford YMCA has branch locations in downtown Hartford, West Hartford, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Granby (Farmington Valley YMCA), Wethersfield (Tri Town YMCA), Plainville (Wheeler Regional Family YMCA)


The Mandell Jewish Community Center is located in West Hartford, close to both Bloomfield and Hartford. Many activities and classes for all ages. As with The Y, membership is not required to sign up for activities.

Great by 8 is a community partnership for area learning and development resources.

Elementary Age Children


As children become more proficient at reading, they love getting their own library card and choosing their own books. The library continues to offer classes and activities for this age group.

Leisure Services/Parks and Recreation

In addition to classes, summer and school vacation camps are available. Information about sports leagues and teams can be found on these sites as well.

The Y

The YMCA also offers day camps and overnight camps in Connecticut


The Mandell Jewish Community Center offers multiple day camp opportunities as well.



Libraries maintain teen rooms with books for their age, studying centers and opportunities as well as activities.

Leisure Services/Parks and Recreation

Activities and opportunities are available for teens, as well as links to local sports leagues and teams.

The Y

The YMCA is great place for teenagers to learns skills such as swimming, lifesaving, and babysitting.


The Mandell Jewish Community Center

has sports activities, theater programs, fitness activities and more specifically for teenagers.

The Bridge Family Center

The Bridge in West Hartford offers many services for families and teenagers, including parenting groups, summer camps, and a teen center at Elmwood Community Center.